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Bottle feeding advice

Problems bottle-feeding? Most babies take to the bottle without a hitch, but if your little sucker is experiencing some hiccups at mealtime, these solutions should smooth the way for you both.

Bottle Feeding Problems

Taking a bottle should be a cinch for your baby, who’s hardwired to suck on just about anything that finds its way past her little lips. (If you’ve never put your pinkie into her mouth, give it a try and you’ll see.) Occasionally, though, problems bottle-feeding do crop up, but they’re almost always easy to solve. Click through for simple strategies for bottle-feeding.


Unless your baby is a speed-eater, you’re going to be holding her up to 20 minutes per feeding, so you might as well get comfortable. Support your little one’s head with the crook of your arm, prop her up at a 45-degree angle so that she doesn’t swallow a lot of air, and align her head and neck. Holding your baby this way can tire out your arm, though, so tuck a pillow by your side for your arm to rest on. And switch sides halfway through the bottle-feeding session. Not only will this give your arms a break, but it will also give your baby a fresh perspective.

Burst Her Bubbles

When air gets trapped in your baby’s tiny tummy, it can make her feel full before she’s had enough to eat. Burping your baby can help bring up those bubbles — the trick is knowing when to take a time-out. Most of the time, taking a belch-break when she’s halfway through her bottle will do it. (This is a great time to shift her position, too.) You can also look for clues that she’s feeling airy. For example, if she turns her head away from the bottle after just a few minutes, chances are she’s gassy — not full. And try this bottle-feeding tip: Minimize her air intake by using an angled bottle or one with disposable liners.

Discourage Dozing

If your baby routinely takes a siesta mid-meal, you may have to change her feeding schedule. First, make sure bottle-feeding doesn’t spill over into nap time. Also check if she’s really asleep. She may be sucking so blissfully that she appears to have gone off to La-La Land, but in fact she’s simply taking her sweet time sucking down the contents of her bottle. A baby who’s truly snoozing, though, can be awakened enough to finish her feed with any combo of these tactics: Undress her a little, tickle her feet, burp her, change her diaper, and switch positions..

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