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How is Nutrico Made

Nutrico Dairy is very pleased to be associated with Camperdown Dairy International (CDI), through its subsidiary Camperdown Powder Pty Ltd.

Camperdown Powder Pty Ltd co-owns the Nutrico range of infant formulas, and is the exclusive manufacturer of all Nutrico infant formula products.

CDI is a fully integrated dairy company. There are four main components to CDI:


CDI, through its Camperdown Farms subsidiary, owns and operates dairy farms in lush, fertile areas throughout Victoria, Australia. CDI is steadily building towards becoming self-sufficient in regard to supply of high quality milk. CDI therefore will guarantee certainty of supply, and every tin of infant formula that CDI produces will be able to be traced back to the exact farm, and herd of cattle. This is very important to our international customers.

Camperdown is a historically significant rural town in south western Victoria, Australia, 194km (121mi) west of the state capital, Melbourne.

Camperdown is surrounded by premium dairy grazing land with an average annual rainfall of 775mm.


Dairy Processing

In early 2014, CDI purchased a specialised Infant Formula blending and packing facility in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2014 CDI entered into a purchase agreement for the Camperdown Cheese and Butter Factory and is currently upgrading the Camperdown processing facility. Additions include two state-of-the-art powder spray dryers which will deliver 35,000 MT of bulk powder and 57,000 MT of nutritional powder per annum and a new canning and blending facility capable of producing 64m tins per annum.

The factory sits on five hectares of land with access to electricity, gas, water and effluent treatment facilities.  CDI is investing $120m to upgrade existing facilities to create a state-of-the-art powder facility which will provide bulk powder and nutritional formula. These upgrades along with the highest quality milk from CDI farms will enable the consistent production of premium dairy products.

Value Added Production

nutricoA specialised infant formula manufacturing facility designed to create a premium infant formula for infants and toddlers. This facility can also dry mix and blend other nutritional products such as elderly and pregnancy formulas, to meet the increasing demand for high-protein powders for people of all ages.

All products comply with Australian and international health regulations, specifications and food safety standards. Products are tested (microbiological and nutrients) by independent external NATA registered laboratories before shipping.


CDI has secured distribution to international markets, including Asia and the USA, for both bulk and value add products. CDI works closely with their distribution partners to ensure products meet local consumer demands and the marketing of CDI products reflects the the secure, safe and reliable image of CDI’s products.

As CDI own and operates its own farms, processing plants, and tinning/packing facilities, you can be sure that the supply and quality will be consistent. Unlike other infant formula companies, CDI doesn’t reply on 3rd party dairy companies for the supply of milk powder. Every step from the grazing of cows on its lush paddocks, the processing of fresh milk into powder form, to the distribution of its products internationally is contolled by CDI.

“We believe that controlling both the milk source and milk quality is critical to providing consistent, reliable and safe dairy products”

— Phil McFarlane, CEO, Camperdown Dairy International