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Aussie formula brand cracks the traceability code

A baby formula brand with tamper-proof packaging and a QR code on its base to verify its Australian made status has been launched.

Called Nutrico Optimum formula, the product has a scoop which is tucked neatly inside the lid to help prevent contamination from unwashed hands.

MD Craig Ford told PKN Jamestrong Packaging produced the tins, and the QR code technology was developed by a New Zealand company called Trust Codes.

“No one else that we know of is doing this in Australia, despite the demand, particularly from Chinese consumers, for traceability, accreditation and certification from food safety authorities,” he said.

“The QR code provides evidence of this when customers swipe it with their smartphones.

“Before purchasing the product they can find out the batch number, manufacturing date, and double check it was made in Australia.”

Ford said counterfeiting products was a big problem in China, so it was important to increase consumers’ confidence.

Every time the tin is scanned, Trust Codes receives data on the purchase which can be helpful for marketing and product development.

Ford decided to develop the range when he and partner Maia Dodds couldn’t find a branded formula for their daughter Camila that was free from sweeteners such as maltodextrin, sucrose and corn syrup, and made ethically with 100 per cent Australian dairy milk.

Ford said it includes essential nutrients in each of its three stages including the prebiotics FOS and GOS, DHA (Omega 3), Taurine, Choline, Beta-Carotene and L-Carnitine.

Nutrico is produced from milk farmed in the western district of Victoria through its production partner Camperdown Dairy International (CDI).

CDI owns its own dairy farms, processing plants and packaging facilities and is currently investing $250 million in new facilities and farm purchases in and around Camperdown.

The formula is 100% made in Australia from 100% Australian powdered milk.

The Stage 1, 2 and 3 formula will be distributed in Australia by Grocery Industries Australia, starting this month.