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Why did we create Nutrico?

Why did we create Nutrico?

Nutrico was created after our first child Camila was born in 2010 and we couldn’t find a big name infant formula that didn’t contain artificial colours and flavourings and was genuinely Australian owned and made with Australian milk.

We searched high and low in supermarkets, as like all parents, what we fed our precious daughter was a very important decision.

We were dumbfounded as Australia has a reputation for having some of the best dairy products in the world.

Reading the fine print on the back of tins, we also discovered that the popular brands of formula were made in such places as Singapore (if anyone has seen a cow in Singapore please let us know), The Netherlands, Germany…even a popular organic brand, which gives the perception that the milk powder comes from Tasmania, actually comes from Europe.

The final turning point were the ingredients added into formulas including – Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup Solids and flavourings. Surely infant formula should be as close as humanly possible to breast milk, not a sugar loaded mix of artificial additives?

It was then we decided that we were going to develop an infant formula range using 100% Australian milk powder, with the best possible nutrients, vitamin and minerals available. Our mission was to develop a formula without any artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours and to create an ethical, honest, genuinely Australian and nutritious formula for all children.

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